The Million Dollar Kid!

...ancient wealth creation strategies that never lie

Becoming wealthy is a science that when mastered helps you pull in high volume of cash even till after death.

The million dollar is a masterpiece that unveils the exact science that has helped the world richest men climb the ladder of success.

Aside teaching kids how to pull in wealth at a tender age, it also clearly shows adults how to retrace their steps and become financially literate so as to live the life of their dreams

What You Will Learn From This Masterpiece...

  • Understanding how money works
  • The money chain
  • What assets and liabilities are and how to build your wealth with that knowledge
  • The right approach to savings and investment
  • How to break free from the silent killer; entitlement mentality
  • How to start developing relevant skills at a young age
  • Financial integrity
  • .......these and many more are what this book will reveal to you


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