(steps and strategies to break out of insufficiency and live the life of your dreams)

Hello dear reader, let me guess why you are here.....

You are tired of living with the low pocket syndrome and need a permanent cure to it

I want to reveal to you ancient wealth creation secrets. Stay with me

Do you know that just 10% of the world's population enjoy 90% of the world's wealth while the other 90% of the population scramble around 10% of the world's wealth?

Can you imagine?

Now let me ask you, are you among the 90% or 10%?

If you are among the 90% but believe there is more to you and you deserve to be among the 10% then you have to stay with me till the end of this letter

WARNING: I am not selling anything to you, I just want to give you a priceless information so I encourage you to stay with me till the end of this letter if you are serious about changing your life forever!

Few years ago, I lived among the "lowest of the low class" in the city I was born in.

Struggling to feed and live was the norm for us

But you see, as a little boy I knew there was more to me than what my eyes could see

All I could see was lack, deprivation, insufficiency, scarcity.....

How do you explain 10 children including parents living in a 1 room batcher with a leaking roof, having to bath outside under the sky every single day?

The worst part was that when our neighbors wanted to defecate they did it in nylons and threw it close to our window cause my house was close to where we threw dirt's. 

Can you imagine such a life...

But in all of these, something kept telling me I was created for more and deserved an excellent life

There was a deep awareness on my inside that kept telling me I belonged to the wealthy class.

I didn't know how to get there but I just had this deep conviction on my inside

Whenever I tried explaining my desire to my parents they shunned me.

Well, I do not blame them cause all they knew all their life was lack and insufficiency

I remember one of the days, my father shouted at me for not going to the street to sell pure water.

I intentionally did not go that day because my desire to be wealthy made me stay back at home to read

I was reading and abandoned my bag of pure water at home

I was reading biographies of how some of the world's wealthiest men achieved success despite been surrounded by lack and scarcity

After 74 years of challenges and failures, Sir Harland Sanders became a millionaire and founded one of the world most successful fast food chains

After failing in several job interviews, Jack Ma started his own company, Ali baba and guess what?

He is now China's richest man

His parents were immigrants—his dad worked as a painter—and the family was poor.

Ralph dropped out of college and served in the army for a couple of years.

Following this, he worked as a clerk at the retail store, Brooks Brothers.

It was a visit to a polo match that inspired him to create an elegant brand.

Ralph began by re-inventing the boring, standard men’s tie.

He sold his designs to Bloomingdale’s, earning $500,000 in the first year.

Today, Ralph Lauren’s designs are worn by celebrities and the Scott Disick wannabes of the world.

He also has over 100 stores around the world and a net worth of over $5 billion.

My friend, I have realized anybody can break out of insufficiency if he desires to!

It is not magic or a myth

It takes following the right process and procedures!

Life was built on principles. If you can intentionally work with the right principles, success is a possibility

Do not let anyone deceive you that if God wants you wealthy you will be, NO!

God wants you wealthy!

It is you that has to sit up and engage all the principles and systems he has put in place for your wealth, that is the only way to really get wealthy.

My friend, life is governed by principles, you just need to align with the ones necessary for your success

Like its popularly said, your background shouldn't put your back on the ground!

You need to stand up and fight for your prosperity! are a fighter, get up and fight my friend

Do not lose this battle! 

Poverty is your enemy, do not pally with it. Get up and fight my friend

Today, I now live a comfortable life

I run successful businesses

It is the same me that used to live a life of struggle that is now living in abundance

Guess what? I am not yet up to 40 years. I am just a young man

I made my first million at the age of 17

My friend, prosperity isn't built by happenstance. It is built on systems

I have decided to help people come into their wealthy place financially and so I have decided to document the steps and procedures of how to achieve huge financial success in a book, I titled "THE MILLION DOLLAR KID"

I know you are beginning to think the book is for children but no. The book is for anyone desiring sustainable wealth

Many persons have read the book and have been stunned by the simplicity but yet impactful message of the book

See some testimonials here

Remember, I told you I wasn't selling to you?

But I believe you need this book

I had the physical launch of this book in August 2020 and gave almost all copies out for free

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Well, I know you might ask why I gave it out for free knowing that writing, printing, editing, packaging, publicity and everything necessary to get a book out to the world cost lots of money

Yes, but I decided to because my biggest heart desire is for more persons to get this knowledge

All of us can be wealthy!

The best of the world's resources are still untapped

If that is so, why are lots of persons still broke and poor?

The reason is simple and even the bible clearly says it 

"My people are destroyed for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE"

Knowledge is the missing link between your desire to be wealthy and the actualization of that desire

It is why you must embrace every knowledge garnering opportunity you get

I have decided to give the first 100 persons that are serious about growing their wealth and will prove it by going on to order this book a special package and they will get the book at a ridiculous discounted price

I will show them how I have been able to break out of scarcity forever even in the midst of a tough economy

The book will be ready on the 20th of November, 2020

My friend, I will really want to help you grow your wealth

Will you allow me help you?

If your answer is yes, then rush to secure your spot

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I hope to see you in class

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